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IWR is an industrial/EBM band, with some Dark-wave touches, which does not shy from aggressive vocals and sounds.
A mix of gothic darkness and industrial treatments, etheric female vocals and harsh male ones, with a fast and catchy tempo, electronic rhythms, and smart use of samples.

Approachable and immediately melodic, its combination of aggressive rhythms and gothic electronic influences that serve it as a definite stand out album, resembling in many ways such bands Skinny Puppy, Wumpscut, and Velvet Acid Christ.

IWR is a duo, and the first outing was created using the talents of Maor Appelbaum (Vocals, bass guitars, synths, noises & effects , programming), who also did the production, engineering and mixing.
Along with long time friend Tal Galfsky (keyboards, synths and programming), together they formed a new force in the darkwave/EBM scene,
Adding the angelic female vocals of Jasmin Vodonos,the furious
drum programing of Oz_Vult and other artist contributions to
part of the songs.

An immediate favorite of dark-wave and Goth fans alike, the band was featured in several compilation albums worldwide, and also received extensive club play, due to its catchiness and immediate melodies.