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Maor Appelbaum at the mastering studio

Maor Appelbaum Mastering studios - only mastering and nothing else - doing one thing and doing it best.

Mastering various styles of music and sounds from all over the world.
Albums ,EPs ,Singles ,Demos ,Promos ,MP3s for Myspace / Facebook / Reverbnation.

The studio is equipped with an array of Digital External Gear & Analog Tube and Solid-State processors to give you a wide span of sounds to choose from. It can be warm , lush and crispy tones to big , tight and punchy sounds that are full of depth and impact.

The studio gear is a mixture of various units such as:

Equipment List

Room Acoustics Design by Jonathan Sheaffer
Carpenter and installations by Haim Versano

Files can be sent using any FTP Service such as:

or any other FTP / file transfer system.
Please send the files using any of the FTP services to my e-mail: